90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations

At the time of writing this article, the US House of Representatives is holding a vote to impeach the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

The Democrats have been saying since he announced he was running for President, that they were going to impeach him.

They said he colluded with Russia to overturn the 2016 election. They were sure that Robert Mueller would find evidence of that with his investigation. Even though he had a 100 partisan investigation team looking into it, they found NO collusion committed by ANY American, including President Trump or anyone on his campaign. Then they moved to his phone call, saying he held up aid to Ukraine to force them into investigating his political opponent Joe Biden. But all of that information is in other articles. So let’s get to what this article is all about.

How did the democrats send their narrative and talking points out to the American people? Through a network of both TV/Cable and Print media outlets, that’s how. You should be outraged at the amount of corruption that exists between the Democratic party and the media outlets! The mainstream media reported more than 96% negative information about President Trump since he was elected.

Everywhere you turn, you hear nothing but negative information about President Trump. There are a few stations like, Fox News Channel and One American News Network (OANN) that actually give their viewers the context of a story that will allow those viewers to make up their own minds about the subject.

Well, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

Credit to: !!Hs1Jq13jV6 for these questions.

  1. What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations?
  2. What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?
  3. What happens when the news is no longer free from bias?
  4. What happens when the news is no longer reliable and independent?
  5. What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy?
  6. What happens when the news simply becomes an extension/arm of a political party?
  7. Fact becomes fiction?
  8. Fiction becomes fact?
  9. When does news become propaganda?
  10. Identity creation?
  11. How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?
  12. Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?
  13. Who is the person creating/drafting the script?

From Wikipedia: Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (SBG) is a publicly traded American telecommunications conglomerate which is controlled by the family of company founder Julian Sinclair Smith. Headquartered in the Baltimore suburb of Hunt Valley, Maryland, the company is the second-largest television station operator in the United States by number of stations (after Nexstar Media Group), owning or operating a total of 193 stations across the country in over 100 markets (covering 40% of American households), many of which are located in the South and Midwest, and is the largest owner of stations affiliated with Fox and ABC.

This is extremely DANGEROUS to our Democracy, what has happened to our once trusted media. The Human Psyche has a tendency to listen to the masses. With the LARGEST of the information coming from the main stream media. Our 1st amendment affords us the ability to monitor our Government by media, so when a political narrative is pushed out from the top of the media heap to the masses, we have a HUGE problem! The main stream media, has let us ALL down!

We can NO LONGER entrust them with our loyalty, given their extreme bias to a single Political Party. With 90% of all media owned an operated by just (6) powerful companies, they push out what they want their viewers/readers to think, and to do. If I could coin a term, I would call it “Media Brainwashing.” Which ALWAYS leans to the Left of the political scale. It IS time to “Wake Up America!”

Thanks to Deadspin for creating this clip to show how Sinclair’s puppets are all tied into the SAME scripts!


Credits to: Martin Geddes for this article at: martingeddes.com

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I wrote this article at the end of August 2019 for my my Future of Communications newsletter — free subscription here. It has received a lot of attention — my second major “hit” together with WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history from July 2018.

I have created this minisite so that people making sense of “The Storm” for the first time can easily read and share the content. You can also hear me read this article, watch an interview of me discussing its content, or read it in German.

In the last few weeks my thoughts have drifted towards the events of this autumn that are going to shake our world. We have seen all the pieces being put in place for a mass justice event in the USA — the like of which has never been encountered before.

I wish to share a few thoughts on how you might go about preparing for the “expected unexpected”.


It is not a novel insight to point out that major geopolitical change is an ongoing process. Key events in living memory would include:

  • 1970s — oil shock; Vietnam War
  • 1980s — deregulation; sudden end of the Soviet empire
  • 1990s — Gulf War; dotcom boom and bust
  • 2000s — 9/11 + Iraq War; financial collapse

Here in the late 2010s, it is arguable that we are seeing the decline and end of Globalism, together with many supporting institutions and doctrines. Whilst the counter-trend is labelled Nationalism by the media, it is better seen as anti-authoritarianism. The demand is for power be held closer to the people, rather than by an unaccountable political establishment.

Anti-globalism is the narrative that joins together otherwise seemingly disparate events — mass protests in Hong Kong, Brexit in the UK, a “cold” civil war in France, a new government in Brazil, and the Trump administration in the USA. Working people are tired of extreme wealth disparities, declining standards of living, and mass migration causing cultural upheaval.

Most of all, ordinary people demand an end to their exploitation through endemic corruption. Specifically, a two-tier justice system has evolved where a privileged class can easily evade consequences for their thieving behaviour. This powerful stateless mafia — which controls many important political, financial, media and industrial institutions — now faces removal and justice.


We have seen a number of corruption scandals break recently, including:

  • Pharma — illegal pushing of addictive opiates to the public
  • Banking — LIBOR scandal, US mortgage fraud, 1MDB in Malaysia that may take down Goldman Sachs by the time it’s done
  • Industrials — huge accounting fraud at GE
  • Google — involvement in espionage and treason on behalf of China
  • Hollywood — Weinstein is a foretaste of its (child) rape culture being exposed
  • Social Media — large-scale rigging of elections
  • Catholic Church — cover-up of child abuse

Now that the Mueller investigation has collapsed into nothing of consequence, there are at least six major scandals about to break in Washington DC:

  1. Pedogate — Epstein Island and the blackmail operations associated with it (NXIVM, SNCTM); UK royal family’s involvement plus MI6; Israel and Mossad’s dirty role; Hollywood’s elite (notably at Disney) are up to their necks in this filth.
  2. Spygate — Obama personally authorising illegal FISA spying on the Trump administration, before and after the election. Draws FVYE spy network nations into the scandal, especially Britain.
  3. Russiagate failed coup attempt — Brennen, Clapper, Comey, Ohr, etc. — are all going to hang for treason. Italy has already cleaned house on this one, having been implicated in the set-up.
  4. Election fraud in 2016 and 2018 by Democratic party (and for many years before). May trigger the unseating of many in the House and special elections.
  5. Clinton Foundation — sale of state secrets to China; Haiti human trafficking (cf Epstein).
  6. Uranium One — illegal sale of US nuclear material to Russia (which draws Mueller into his own scandal…).

Corruption is a widespread phenomenon. Anti-corruption initiatives have a long history. Multinational business has been a thing for centuries. That there might be a coordinated multi-country corruption purge should not be a matter of great controversy.

It is the confluence of so many simultaneous major scandals that is what gives #TheStorm its moniker and “black swan” outlier status. It will sweep away some compromised institutions, and put many previously untouchable people in jail. This is a paradigm change in government and business, restoring trust and honour that have been missing for decades.


Whether it has been the East India Company, the Venetians, or the Spanish in South America, international trade has always allied to intelligence gathering — and trodden a fine line between legitimate commerce and organised crime (e.g. the opium wars, theft of gold).

To understand #TheStorm we need to recognise that the problem of a two-tier justice system itself comes from transnational crime cartels. Corruption has its own business model, strategies, and organisational design patterns. “Institutionalised crime” syndicates are often of a military-like nature, with power coming from spying, clandestine operations, subversion, esoteric science, and deception.

That power is tied to specific families and secret societies, many being in Europe and Asia. From its founding, the United States has been fighting against fifth columnists, who were often working on behalf of European banking, aristocratic, and religious powers. They have used their military intelligence networks to infiltrate American institutions and install their own people — who often become celebrated as quintessentially “American” in the process!

Three notable and well-documented events from the 1940s-1970s paint the contextual picture:

  • Operation Paperclip imported thousands of key members of the German Nazi regime into important scientific, academic and military posts after WW2.
  • Operation Northwoods showed the (corrupted) US Government was willing to use “false flag” attacks by its military against its own people for its geopolitical ends.
  • Operation Mockingbird weaponised the US mass media against its own population, using agents who were covertly under the control of the CIA, a rogue intelligence agency under criminal leadership.

An unconstitutional private central bank — the Federal Reserve — was able to print as much money as necessary to bribe whoever it saw fit. This funded the activities of allied crooked banks, media companies, and military-industrial corporations. Collectively these “Deep State” actors over time compromised the US judicial, legal, and political systems — and subverted the Constitution.


Once civilian institutions are too compromised, the only remaining way of peacefully reversing these changes is via the military. Trump is far more than a figurehead, but to focus on him alone is to miss the big picture. He is the most visible part of a multi-decade Patriot plan to retake the country from the bankster criminals, and give it back to its people.

The Trump administration explicitly advertises itself as not just another 4 year election cycle — “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new Government controlled by you the American people.” It would be wise to take Trump and his generals very literally when they state their intentions, as their lives are on the line.

You can see Trump’s closeness to the military with:

  • His inauguration — where he unusually and symbolically had soldiers appear behind him.
  • Choices of personnel, being surrounded by generals, especially from the Marines.
  • The famous “calm before the storm” remark, as he is often pictured with his senior military team on social occasions.
  • Focus on celebrating the military and its independence from foreign control for the 4th July celebrations this year.
  • His links to Admiral Rogers and General Flynn who know where the bodies are buried and have been involved in the resulting intrigue.

A deeply embedded crime network has had effective control over the US DoJ, FBI, and CIA — as illustrated by the Clintons’ magical escapes from justice. A similar purge of corruption and taming of the Federal Reserve was attempted under JFK, and failed. The protection that the President needs can only come from a loyal military.

The “Q” programme of open source intelligence to bypass the compromised mass media is further evidence that this is a de facto military government with a civilian varnish. The legal and justice systems are being cleaned up, and the “pioneer public” primed for stunning revelations that will shake the foundations of society.


Sessions, Durham, Huber, Horowitz, Rosenstein, Barr — there are objective reasons to believe that large DoJ legal teams have been quietly working for a considerable period under these leaders. Their task is to indict those responsible for the scandals listed earlier. The job of some of these teams is complete, according to the DoJ website.

There has already been a record-breaking surge of indictments, arrests and convictions for human trafficking. There has also been extensive building work done at Guantanamo Bay, and a new senior judge has been appointed for military tribunals there. There is an enabling executive order on courts martial, and federal capital punishment has been reinstated. The President has made many proclamations on the treasonous nature of the offences, and that they must never recur.

What is going to happen in late 2019 and into early 2020 is that multiple connected scandals are all going to break in fast succession. They will involve crimes against humanity, and horrors we had hoped had ended with the Nazis, Chairman Mao, or Pol Pot. A recurring theme from insider leaks is that the trials are going to be televised as a kind of “Nuremberg 2.0”.

Trump is not a politician. #TheStorm is not politics. This is about fixing the framework in which politics happens. #TheStorm is a restoration of the American Republic under control of its citizens, and the Constitutional rule of law. The conspiracies against the people are very real, and their prosecution is now inevitable.


These events are going to be a shock to most of the public, who have been lulled into complacency by a media conspiracy of silence. They will be scared and confused, since they will not know whom to trust, how bad the situation has been, or whether it is sufficiently contained.

Now is the time that forward-looking leaders can begin to prepare, so you can honestly state that this is on your radar, and you are taking proactive steps to manage the situation. There is ample evidence of this being a very real and serious situation, and to ignore it is irresponsible.

We can be reasonably certain that the following will experience major impacts from #TheStorm:

  • Political foundations that are used to launder bribes and payoffs (e.g. under the cover of “book deals”).
  • Charities that are nothing of the kind, being covers for illegal activities.
  • NGOs that have a covert purpose (e.g. Red Cross involvement in organ harvesting plus human trafficking).
  • Multi-national corporations who are using slave labour, or have operations in certain politically risky countries (e.g. Apple being forced to repatriate manufacturing from China).
  • Financial industry players, with many banks having large fraud liabilities. It is no secret that some like Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and Deutsche Bank face trouble, having over-indulged in nefarious business practises.
  • Media industry, which faces a cataclysmic loss of trust by the public as its past misdeeds and methods get exposed to the light.
  • Telecoms and IT, which is the foundation for a great deal of espionage. Amazon is tainted by its CIA associations; Google faces a total brand meltdown.
  • Energy, as a great deal of corruption is tied to oil and gas extraction and commodity trading, as well as the push for renewables driven by illegitimate concerns.

#TheStorm will reveal three scams that are each trillions of dollars in scope that will further damage the reputation of the media, academia, government, and religious bodies:

  • War-for-profit (drawing in banks, arms industry, and public and private intelligence agencies).
  • Carbon tax (there is no “climate emergency”).
  • Fraud through foreign aid.


This is a “trust apocalypse”: those who you were taught were most worthy of trust will repeatedly be proven to have betrayed it. Conversely, you will discover who the truly trustworthy are, as the lies and scams are exposed.

Confronting something of this magnitude in our own lifetimes can seem rather daunting. The MBA strategy books focus mainly on the positive creation of value in the legitimate economy. Where we touch on fraud and crime it comes clearly boundaried in topics like “revenue assurance” and “business continuity planning”.

The collapse of a longstanding massive network of organised crime that intersects with every sector has no precedent. There isn’t a chapter for this kind of scenario in the textbooks. We just know that the November 2020 election cycle is a forcing function: the “swamp” needs to be exposed before then — so that the public is clamouring for total drainage.

To deal with this situation, here are some initial suggestions as to how you can take action now:

  1. Get your own personal affairs in order as a hygiene factor. You can’t be sorting out other people’s problems if your own are a distraction. Clear the decks of anything optional or troublesome.
  2. Set your moral compass now. Those who thrive post-Storm will have different values to those who prospered before it. Be very clear with yourself what you and your organisation truly stand for, and what isn’t changing and is non-negotiable.
  3. Expand your information sources. The mass media has become compromised by decades of infiltration and corruption. They are complicit in serious crime, if only via a conspiracy of silence, and cannot tell you the whole story. You need to look to alternative sources of journalism and analysis for an accurate picture.
  4. Build your human network. Consider creating a temporary and informal organisation to track and make sense of these changes. Use a “who knows, who cares, who can” model to draw in those sufficiently informed, motivated and resourced to act voluntarily and on their own initiative.
  5. Manage your exposure. Start to manage your risk of exposure to Deep State aligned companies and sectors. Think about the most important business contracts you have and whether they are robust enough for this kind of outlier business event. Begin to plan contingencies for disruptions on both your supply and demand sides.
  6. Map the possible opportunities. This is going to be a one-off opportunity to acquire talent from tainted institutions, buy up businesses at distressed prices, and occupy vacated market roles whose previous holders have been razed by #TheStorm. Making good enough moves quickly is likely to beat waiting for perfect certainty. Start making your shopping list.


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International Conspiracy to commit a Coup on the President of the United States!

And is being perpetrated by the Democrats in Congress and the Deep State.

Let’s call this what it really is, an attempted coup on the President of the United States! The Democrats have been trying since the day after the November 2016 election to find a way to stop Donald J Trump from ever sitting in the White House. And after failing that effort, they spent almost 2 years investigating how to remove now President Donald J Trump.

Attorney General William Barr
U.S. Attorney John Durham

After the Muller investigation came to a close, Attorney General William Barr stated he was going to put a U.S. Attorney by the name of John Durham from Connecticut in charge of finding out who started the Russian hoax perpetrated on President Donald J. Trump. And costing American taxpayers more than $25 million in investigation costs for Robert Mueller and his team.

Several countries were involved in creating this Russian hoax. Australia, Italy and England just to name a few. Since it is believed that the CIA was behind the Majority of the Russian Hoax under the leadership of John Brennan. NO CIA actions could be performed on U.S. soil under the CIA imperatives (no FISA needed for CIA due to offshore surveillance.) So, the targets were spied upon in other countries.

George Papadopoulos
Joseph Mifsud

In 2016, they targeted personnel of the Trump campaign and injected CIA and FBI assets in front of George Papadopoulos. Assets like that of Joseph Mifsud, an Italian asset believed to be on the CIA’s payroll. And Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor believed to be on the FBI’s payroll. Where Stefan Halper had communications with George Papadopoulos in 2016, about DIRT the Russians had on Hilary Clinton. Sending him to see Joesph Mifsud in Rome, Italy to get the DIRT. They didn’t have any DIRT. This was a pure and simple entrapment scheme on George Papadopoulos run by the CIA and FBI. He spent 14 days in jail over the issues that cropped up over this entrapment. Stefan Halper vanished when his name came out as being involved.

Stefan Halper

Christopher Steele

Christopher Steele and the Russian dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC were another angle being used. Christopher Steele is a retired MI6 spy and specialized in Russian spying for the U.K. He retired from MI6 and started doing freelance work for the highest bidder. He was on the FBI’s payroll until he was caught leaking his Russian dossier on President Trump to the press, after initial FBI reports did not find it credible. He had actually received the dossier from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson who had a hit piece written to use on Mitt Romney in the 2012 election that was almost exactly the same, but it was never used (thanks to Dan Bongino for connecting those dots). And simply changed the names to fit the Donald Trump campaign. Fusion GPS is a company that contracts to find information on people and companies. They took $12 Million dollars from the DNC, backed by Hilary Clinton‘s funding in 2016. This was proven through bank records. After the money was sent through Perkins Coie LLP. a law firm that represents the DNC.

Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS

Carter Page

The Steele dossier was eventually sent through the back door of the DOJ by way of Nellie Orr (wife of fourth in command of the DOJ in the Obama administration, Bruce Orr) and an employee at Fusion GPS via her husband Bruce Orr. The dossier was eventually taken from Bruce Orr by the FBI and used as the primary evidence to retain FISA warrants against Carter Page in order to monitor his phone calls. And to attempt to entrap him, like they did George Papadopoulos. Carter Page has NEVER been charged for ANY crime(s) to this day! A FISA warrant is only good for 90 days. The FISA application and warrant was renewed four (4) times against Carter Page.

James Comey former Director of the FBI / Fired by President Trump

The dossier was also used in the Robert Muller investigation. But it was found to be nothing but fiction! Nothing in the dossier has ever been verified. Even though James Comey and others said to a FISA court (under oath) that it was a verified document. In fact, it is NOW said, to be “completely unverifiable“. This means James Comey and three others “BROKE THE LAW” by lying to a Federal Court to obtain warrants to surveil Carter Page (surveilling without a proper warrant is spying).

Attorney general William Barr and US attorney John Durham have been hot on the issue of finding out who was behind the Russian hoax. Just last week they both traveled to Italy and other countries, and while in Italy, they listened to a recorded testimony of Joseph Mifsud. The Democrats in Congress have been attempting to block access to several ambassadors during their trip. The main stream media and John Brennan have been trying to discredit them since before they left the U.S. on this trip. Why? They do not want the truth exposed, that’s why!

I think it’s pretty clear that William Barr and John Durham are getting pretty close to answering the questions as to who started this nightmare. This is why the impeachment inquiry is on a fast track by the Democrats in Congress. They have been holding hearings in SECRET! Not even allowing the Republicans access. The State Department has BLOCKED one Ambassador from meeting with Admin Schiff to testify in SECRET with NO Elected Republican Representatives present. This is how tyranny looks my friends. Secret meetings with NAMELESS accusers trying to remove a President from power, is how a Police State is run. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. The Democrats and Deep State are running out of time! And they will stop at nothing to continue their quest to unseat President Trump!

Democrats now using Immigration against the Trump Administration!

I could try my damnedest to articulate my feeling on this issue, but I think “Conservative Momma says it best! Democrats are distracting Americans to try and win the house in November.

Vote Republican all the way down the ballot in November, whether you’re Republican or not! Lets clean this crap up!

Our messaging needs to be all offense on the Border issue. Here are my thoughts-

Posted by Conservative Momma on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Immigration Crisis on the Border!

You cannot tune into ANY channel on the TV these days without hearing about the “Policy” that the Trump administration is “Ripping” children from the families of illegal immigrants!


Let’s get this straight! This “Policy” was NOT put into place by the Trump administration! It was put into place by the “Clinton”administration in the 1990’s! The Trump administration is simply “Enforcing” the “Policy” that is the “LAW” on the books!

Only the children of those that are NOT entering via a U.S. customs gate are being detained and their “Parents” are being arrested! The detained children cannot be held for more than 20 days by law.

The Democrats in office are conflating this issue because the elections are in November of this year, and they are “GINNING” up their base against this administration to get re-elected and hopefully take control of the house in November!


They want the President to sign an executive order to stop the enforcement policy. Which he could do. But this President WILL NOT do that! He wants Congress to do their job and change the law!



I was watching the CSPAN feed of several Democrat Lawmakers, in the halls for the Capital Building, holding up signs in front of the cameras and yelling profanities at the President as he was exiting a meeting about the issues with Republican Lawmakers on the hill.

I wish the President would have confronted these lawmakers in front of those same cameras with the following questions/statements.

  1. Who makes up the laws in the United States of America?
  2. Who “Interprets” the laws made in the United States of America?
  3. Who “Enforces” the laws in the United States of America?


  1. The Legislative branch of Government! Lead by Congress!
  2. The Judiciary branch of Government! Lead by the Supreme Court.
  3. The Executive branch of Government! Lead by the sitting President.

Then after the questions, he could say, “NOW YOU STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND GO TO YOUR OFFICE AND DO YOUR JOB”!  Go write a law and put it through the system, instead of dragging your feet and blaming the President, who is enforcing laws that YOU made in the first place.

Several Bills in Congress concerning “Assault Weapons” Ban!

Our 2nd amendment is under attack! These bills are looking to “Ban” the sale of what the Democrat Lawmakers are calling “Assault Weapons“.

They describe “Assault Weapons” as ANY Semi-Automatic weapon that is a “Pistol“,”Rifle” or “Shotgun” and has a “Magazine“. If passed (which we would hope it would never get to the President for a veto anyway), it would mean, we could only buy “Revolvers“, “Bolt Action” and “Lever Action” weapons. And “YES”, they also say it would be illegal to possess a “SAW” (Semi Automatic Weapon).

My concern is this:

The Democrats are doing all they can to win the house and senate in November 2018. With enough votes, even if the President Vetos one or all of these bills, a recall vote “could” result in an overturn. They would need to have a super majority in the Senate, (67 votes) to do that.

The Democrat lawmakers have made their intentions well known. They want to “Repeal” the 2nd amendment.

We MUST start the fight now, or we will be seeing the start of a Revolution! It is coming! Look at the video below about Deerfield, IL. if you don’t believe me. This could be “Ground Zero”. Here is a link to the Village website about the ban. The village has hired the attorney firm of “Perkins Coie” to represent them. But the ban goes into effect on June 13th, 2018.

We need to plan a march into the Village of Deerfield! Who’s up for it?

So, call your Congressman and Senators and tell them you are against these bills. And let them know how you feel about Deerfield, IL. as well.

Vote “Republican” all the way down the November ballet in order to make change!


H.R. 5087 / H.R. 5077 / S. 2095

Deerfield, Illinois residents must turn in their guns

Deerfield, Illinois residents must turn in their guns

Posted by Fox News Video on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The leaks MUST be plugged!

Late on Thursday night, Jun 7th 2018. The DOJ via the FBI had indicted and arrested the former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee (James Wolfe), for leaking classified information from the United States Senate, to reporters.

They also announced that they obtained phone, email and encrypted text records from New York Times reporter Ali Watkins, that appear to show her connection to Wolfe, even though she denies using him as a source.

Everyone is in an uproar about the seizure of the reporters records, saying it is against the 1st amendment rights of the reporter.

Lets be clear. The media in the United States of America have been hiding behind the 1st amendment, saying they receive the information they are reporting on from “Anonymous Sources”. This is BAD! When high level government bureaucrats release information to reporters, they are breaking the law! Why do we say that the one receiving the information is NOT?

The Spirt of the 1st amendment is being tromped on when this is happening! Conversations of our President conversing with other country leaders being leaked! Has occurred. This is madness!

The reporter should have the decency to report the leak to officials, but no, they want the story more than the justice. They believe they are working with a “Whistle Blower” and not a leaker. What is the difference you ask? A whistle blower is reporting travesties from within the place they work to a wrong doing. Their name is released to the public after conviction, and they are protected. A leaker, hides in the shadows and reports on items he or she do not agree with until they are caught. And in this case, a 55+ year old man is feeding a 25+ year old woman reporter information? Having a affair with?

I believe the Government was justified in this seizure. Since it involved her receiving classified information for a relationship/affair. It is in the name of “National Security” that hiding behind the 1st amendment cannot be allowed.

This arrest and the seizure of the reporters records will send shockwaves throughout Washington and cause others who are leaking to take notice!

Here is a clip from Tucker Carlson on Fox News on this issue. Be sure to click on the speaker in the lower right corner to unmute the audio.

Tucker: Media misses the big deal about leaker arrest

Tucker: Media misses the big deal about leaker arrestTucker: When the government spies on American citizens, it's always a big deal, whether those citizens are New York Times reporters or Trump campaign staffers. Doesn't matter. There had better be a very good reason for it. The media, of course, don't recognize this. #Tucker

Posted by USA News Update on Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Congressional MEMO! Why doesn’t the FBI and the Left want it released?

For several weeks, we’ve been hearing about a four-page memo that was written by several lawmakers on the right in Washington DC.

We have also been hearing several lawmakers from the left (as well as FBI and DOJ officials) saying it would be a reckless thing to release the memo!

What is this memo about anyway?

We are told it is about a tragic misuse of our intelligence gathering system that is allowed to operate under the FISA law. The claim is that several individuals within the FBI and the Department of Justice utilized the system to spy on the opposition candidate (Now President Donald Trump) and his team,  during the campaign of 2015 and 2016. If this is true, it should be very concerning to every American, since this is a violation of our fourth amendment right under the Constitution of the United States.

The entire intelligence system was designed to monitor foreign individuals, enemies and entities! Not Americans in America! And certainly not your political foes (Nixon tried this with Watergate and was impeached for it!) Checks and balances were put into place to prevent having Americans that may have been picked up during foreign surveillance, masked from intelligence view. In order to unmask any American named in a particular surveillance document, the person seeking the unmasking must show probable cause to officials with statements that show a grave concern that the American that was picked up in the surveillance is a possible threat to national security and must be investigated.

The other side of this intelligence gathering system, is when officials in the intelligence community wish to Monitor or Surveil a certain suspect of a criminal act. Permission to do surveillance on Americans requires a warrant to do so.

A secret court known as the FISA court (which reminds me a lot a movie called “The Star chamber”), must be presented with evidence showing just cause for a warrant. If evidence is presented for a warrant from the FISA court is made up, the surveillance becomes a crime! This would mean the court was duped into giving out the warrant. It would be the equivalent of a police officer planting a gun on a suspect that has just been shot and killed, because there was really no gun present to justify the shooting of the suspect. And then going to a judge for a warrant to search the home of that suspect. If found out, the officer would not see the light of day from prison!

It is said, that the FBI and the DOJ did just this! That individuals within the FBI and the DOJ misused the intelligence gathering system for political purposes. It is also said, that individuals within the FBI utilized a dossier (created by a former MI6 British Agent and the research agency known as “Fusion GPS“) that was created as opposition research (that was started by never Trumpers in the beginning but taken over by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign) for a political campaign, and is known to be full of untruths, as evidence of a crime in order to obtain the warrant necessary to do surveillance against Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign.

Americans have the right to see the memo and decide for themselves!

The FBI and the DOJ are supposed to be nonpartisan investigators and lawyers! If it is true that the Obama administration utilized the intelligence gathering system to spy on the opposition candidate, then they have committed multiples of crimes that must be found and prosecuted! The upper level management of these two departments must be held accountable. In order for the American people too once again have faith in what they do. The rank and file members of these departments do wonderful work! The Bad apples at the top are the issue!

The FBI announced today that it would be extremely reckless to release the memo. I would simply ask them why? What do they have to hide?

They are trying to police themselves. They obviously cannot do that. This is evident by their reluctance to submit documents requested by the Congressional oversight committee more than seven months ago! We the people must now cleanse these departments!

They were created by Congress and they must be cleansed by Congress!

The attorney general of United States must start removing the bad apples!